RHE RIP (8-2010) stories


I never thought that writing about something like this could cause tension in someone else. I didn’t notice that in myself because I was completely absorbed in the story. I experienced it right away. Anyway, this is already my third so pooh pooh what do you think of yourself! Tension is even if I say it slightly exaggerated. It is more of a feeling of muscles contracting and loosening, but with a lot more at the same time. Let me summarize it like this, pull a combination of springs (those metals) and apart and let it slowly come back that what you feel I mean with tension. If I ever have a photo or drawing made with it, you will see it with your own eyes.

Chapter 1

Who will sleep with me now…
Ferlin and Bourahd (yes you read that right) throw a party but not just any but for about a hundred people and no they don’t plan to get married or even get engaged. Yet they have known each other for many years. Actually from the beginning of primary school. Both are jovial, although Bourahd shows that more than Ferdinand. They are both still studying, both in the same Techno year, but in different directions. (to sort!!)
Bourahd is a Dutch-Moroccan-Javanese mix and Ferlin is a mulatto Dutch father with an Antillean-Caribbean mother. However, the father was absent from Ferlin’s birth and so Ferlin grew up without an exemplary father figure. There were men with his mother from time to time, but they had no interest at all in the child and much more in his mother and preferably without clothes. For example, from his first consciousness he experienced how men treated women. Not exactly a good image that was imparted to him. Only when he almost finished primary school did he get to know a father figure who taught him how to deal well with women. Unfortunately, that wasn’t for a very long time. However, this figure had so much influence on Ferlin’s thinking pattern that fortunately this gave him a relief for his mother. Ferlin has very fond memories of that much later and this made him the man he is today. Stird in respectfully with a touch of marimba and salsa.

Bourahd, on the other hand, was a young man who was brought up entirely in modern Islam. Women were important for food and housekeeping and men were important for the money brought in and spent. In short, a melting pot full of influences from Dutch, Moroccan and West Indies. Mother was half Indo half Dutch and father was Moroccan. He had four brothers and three sisters, two brothers and a sister were older than him. The youngest was a brother and soon after him a girl was born. He followed a pre-university education after primary school and then went to technical high school and would soon become an engineer in the petrochemical industry. Ferlin also followed a technical education, but had managed to achieve this through all sorts of detours. After primary school, Ferlin went to HAVO, then MBO HBO in technical computer science and then after a few years of work, a scholarship in the in technical computer science and then after a few years of work a scholarship in Design & Decision Support System technology and now almost graduated . Except during their study time, they could always be found on the sports field, both outside the field and on the field. They also had almost the same interest in music and nightlife. There she also got to know their girlfriends, one more than the other. They were both good at dancing and both played guitar as well as many other keyboard instruments. Sometimes they had a band where they played a mix of African and South American music at parties. Many girls always hung around their person. They both had many adventures with the girls. The females also got in and out of bed easily. This story is about their time after high school through their college years and beyond. Bouradh had short hair with curly hair and an athletic figure and Ferlin had a dark brown almost curly head of hair and was slightly darker than Bouradh and had a firm to very muscular figure (bodybuilding) without being active. They could do practically any kind of sport they were so athletic in stature. They also both alternately wore sporty to trendy clothing and could each be straight out of a movie. In short, they also pay the necessary attention to their appearance. Always looked well groomed but very masculine.
Many women feasted to get their turn.

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