The Handy

The busboy/jack of all trades

As the youngest servant in his parents’ hotel, he has already had many adventures. Young couples who used the hotel to get to know each other quickly.

Often also an older man in a suit with a lady at his side who could have been a daughter. As soon as they were in the elevator and noticed that he wasn’t paying attention to them, a quick kiss followed, on the cheek or with open mouths together. Sometimes the woman also flattered herself against the man in a special way. Who found it a bit pleasant and sometimes placed his hands on the part where the woman was already more or less naked. A spot between the legs or between the breasts or a spot on their bare back close to their buttocks. He noted that none of the women objected. It seemed they let it happen because they enjoyed the attention they received. He could watch it through the mirror above them and his eyes were covered with dark glasses. So it was not noticeable that he spied on them. It gave him a sense of adventure and he often lay in bed in the evening and let the various couples pass in review in his mind. He was too busy to keep himself busy with friends. He enjoyed the circumstance in such a way that it gave him pleasure but no lust. When he thought about it in the evening it reminded him of a good day. Sometimes the man who was in the elevator with a woman gave him a tip and a note with a message to arrange something special. Champagne with strawberries and whipped cream, or caviar with a bottle of vodka. He then arranged that outside the bill for them. He was still busy with his studies to become a hotelier. One day he would hold sway in this establishment and then he would also turn a blind eye to this, no other things that could not bear the light of day. He saved his tips and bought shares on the stock exchange. She amassed a handsome fortune for later. He himself had put a room somewhere far away in this hotel. A room with a view of the city from above. A small space where he could take care of himself. The room had everything he could want. A living room, bedroom with bath and shower and toilet. In the living room he had a large screen for his TV and computer, and a gaming PC was also present. Everything was up to date. In his spare time, he occasionally spent time behind the gaming PC. But more often than not he was busy with his studies. Sometimes he was also not in the hotel and he was traveling to visit other hotels around the world. There he was put to work again as part of his studies.

He enjoyed being able to see the inside of a completely different hotel in a different place every time. He was allowed to go almost anywhere because his family was well acquainted with other groups of hotels. For example, he noticed differences, sometimes very subtle but often completely different in the way guests were approached. He also took his ideas about this to his own hotel group. A few times a year there was a kind of consultation where ideas were exchanged. He looked handsome and athletic, so he often received requests from hotel owners to be present at special events within that hotel group. He also often received an inviting gesture from the ladies to come to them. Very occasionally he accepted these, more for them than for himself. He quite enjoyed the attention, but still put his future above the pleasure that was thrown at him. A few meetings with them also gave him the opportunity to compare what they asked him for. Until today he had never kissed a girl let alone any other pursuits. He knew it but didn’t admit it, until this day. He sometimes had a night out and then went to the theater or a cinema or a tourist spot. He had not given more than a kiss on the hand.

So now about the piece he met on such a trip today. It was a sultry evening, so she was dressed very lightly, not vulgarly. She wore a slightly transparent blouse with a skirt that came just above the knees and she walked on high heels. He wore a shirt over jeans and flat shoes. Together they strolled along a boulevard with shops on one side and a view of water on the other. The moon occasionally lit up the evening night. It wasn’t too busy and with her arm in his arm they walked, talking and looking at the crowd around them. He saw that she walked beside him, swinging her hips, which made her firm full breasts sway. He tried not to focus too much on this so as not to give her mixed feelings. She noticed his looks, however, and that made her happy. It was a playful way in which they perceived each other. As if they were feeling each other out. Both were in a good mood. Enjoying each other’s presence and not knowing what would follow. Behind them walked a number of young people who were bragging loudly about their mutual conquests. Ben and Sophie were unaware of the group behind them until this moment. Until those young people met a few acquaintances and they communicated among themselves about what was going on. Ben then noticed that behind him and on the other side was a group that seemed to know each other. He paid closer attention to what they were discussing, while Sophie turned to him and asked him something that didn’t come across to him. She then asked with a slightly louder voice, Ben, where are you with your thoughts, I asked you if we could have a drink somewhere and I need to get rid of something. Ben turned his attention to Sophie but also kept an eye on the two groups but more with his gaze and his attention on Sophie. Okay said Ben I know a good place near here. In his mind he was trying to get them away from the group. He didn’t like how the groups seemed to converge. He steered them both in the direction of a fancy restaurant, listening closely to what was being said in the group. They spoke a different language than that of Ben and Sophie. But Ben spoke several languages ​​fluently and could follow their conversation. He overheard something about two figures, a “chickie” and a “dude.” He instinctively understood that the group was talking about them and made Sophie walk a little faster. They were about a few hundred yards from where he sent them and he whispered in Sophie’s ear that a group was following them and he didn’t trusted. Sophie started to look back, but Ben then kissed her on the mouth, more to keep her attention away from the group and signal to the group that they heard Bible language. Sophie was pleasantly surprised and returned the kiss fervently. Ben heard the group react to the kiss and was tempted to lift Sophie to get them both into the restaurant even faster, but her kiss provoked a reaction from him. He was also kissing her more fervently now. As a result, he did not notice that it became quiet around them and instead of walking faster, they both stood as if transfixed to the ground. The group was gone as quickly as a group of birds. Ben saw out of the corner of his eye that a patrol car from the local police had arrived and the group sped off. Ben walked up the path of the restaurant with Sophie now tightly arm in arm at his side. Where they enjoyed the view of the water and each other until the wee hours. This was his first real kiss that he gave and received. Nothing more happened that night. But Ben and Sophie would see each other more often. Sophie is a model in perfume, facial, and body cream products. She is 1.70 tall and has a real hourglass figure, bright pink lips and big normal breasts.

Soft long blonde hair on a very fine face and often wears a beautiful white blouse and knee-length skirt with bare legs in very high heels. Ben is a sporty man with an athletic figure and often wears a shirt with jeans and flat low shoes. He is studying to be a hotelier like his parents and grandparents. His family manages a consortium of luxury hotels all over the world. Their hotels all have at least three stars, but often four or more. The hotels are all located in the major cities or luxury holiday resorts. Their combined wealth is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet the members of the family are not known as lavish revelers or gold-draped figures. They are generally known as a very hard working family. Sometimes the management of the family organizes a theme week to which as many members of the family as possible are invited. Then the members can compete for a goblet that stays in the family. In total, the family consists of more than a thousand members. Ben is known to like to show off his tricks at these kinds of occasions, but outside of the family he lives a low-key lifestyle. Ben was in the same place as Sophie for another day. Both did not know that they would see each other again very soon. On the journey to the next destination, they met again on a ‘connecting flight’ to a destination where both meet again. Ben was pleasantly surprised and Sophie remembered the kiss all too well. Ben was in the same hotel where Sophie was staying. Ben was at the hotel not for work but one of his many sports. He was here for a dive and surf break. Just a week of rest from the pleasant hectic working conditions. Sophie was also there for a ‘shoot’, tropical and a bit more daring than she was used to. She was very happy that Ben was also there and she only had one day left for work and was therefore free for a while. Ben, meanwhile, enjoyed the diving sessions and surfing. For their evening together, he had already made a reservation at one of the well-known local restaurants. This restaurant was empty on top of a hill overlooking the surrounding water. It would be a clear sultry evening where they would spend their time together well. The next day he had a nice trip in mind where they could enjoy a lot together again.

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