Velda, the model becoming famous

Be a fashion model! by R.H.E. RIP (C) 1991


Velda {lead-role} is a woman with a heart and the right dimensions. She was a waitress, and telephonist / receptionist, secretary and bus driver before and was now at the beginning of a career as a model and silently hoped for a future like (porn) actress. The beginning supplemented with anecdotes from the various periods in the various professions. Starting with a waitress.

Chapter 1 Velda abused!

Velda was still a young child of just under 16 years, but when it already promised to be a beautiful woman. But she had more to offer than you might think at first glance. Even though she had left school early and she had only a MAVO diploma, she followed beside her day job training at HAVO level and especially the part of the language and history with geography. The school she visited in the morning because the afternoon began her work. On an old ladies bike kicked them a MAVO diploma and some extra pennies richer. The time as a waitress was hard work, but could frequently a laugh from when she still remembered some perilous adventures they had experienced. There was once a boy who visited her every day in the restaurant where she was working and invariably he ordered every time a bouncer with ham and cheese and four beers. Every time she wrote the order and ordered to him worried he examined her from head to toe. She had a ponytail with a slightly drawn face. She wore her clothes so that all forms were easy to see. Velda was already not as difficult as it came to her figure decent show. So she wore a blouse with a deep neckline and a short black mini skirt with large white apron with summers slightly tanned bare legs and winter gossamer nylons with suspender, d’r skirt had a large split summers that showed her thighs when she stooped and winter stocking her belt. When the boy her after eating his meal, he always called her clumsy part of the specifications or his napkin on the floor come. When she came to him she bent down in front of him so that he and a quick glance her deep cleavage could behold, when she got up again he was sitting with a red star on head, staring, until her out of his n corners looked away then followed his look rocking her back. Velda knew from the first moment he did and enjoyed it comes from deep inside of the attention she received, but went away grumbling externally, to the rest of the guests not to show that she liked so much. He wound themselves so that on a summer day after her d’r waiting service. It was a very hot day and Velda was sweaty from the hard work. The only thing she longed for was a nice cold shower and sprawled on the sofa in her textbook deepened sink. Not a hair on her head d’thought that the boy would be waiting for her. So when she saw him she was terrified moment, and actually even more of his attention than his presence. The gaze was fixed on a now very summery dressed Velda. She wore her clothes after not working but had a foundation with loose hanging shirt and sneakers d’r feet. Behind the restaurant was her bike home they always tended to go through all weathers. She wore under her blouse never a bra and by the sweat pasted it here and there and was light and transparent in her crotch showed also a wet spot. The boy understood that this excitement could never be but it was a very erotic sight. Velda was continued until that time unaware of her appearance and the impression it aroused. His eyes slid over her voluptuous body and continued occasionally hang on certain places. He had his hands behind his back, and so did not know what she or he was holding. With his gaze focused on her tits, the nipples were clearly hard and straight forward tasks, he told her to wait a tone that her nailed in place d’r when he swung a dangerous looking long knife, which he just narrowly missed her stomach. She instinctively ducked away and was just screaming when she saw that he turned a gun on her, which he now about his lips to her gestures area to be quiet. He put the knife away and took from his pocket a piece of rope appeared, then he motioned her to turn around and d’r hands crossed backwards to keep. With a quick movement he laced her wrists and then to be sure her mouth shut cords. This he did with great spotted handkerchief farmers, then he commanded her with the barrel of the gun into her back for him to walk toward increased directly behind the restaurant. Velda felt now lifted panic, and thought how quickly they master the situation might be. Meanwhile they both walked into the alley where a scarce lighting are many shady spots between the containers placed therein. In one of those containers he sent her and once arrived he pushed the door open and her in it. Inside it was pitch dark and inch by inch she shuffled further. Then she heard the door again went and saw or heard anything or maybe a slight breath, it was barely audible. Then she felt her blouse was taken off while her breasts were fondled. She tried to turn away but crashed an obstacle located on the ground where they are unpleasantly hard on her belly on landed. Then she felt her leggings were pulled d’r shoes he had pulled her from falling. Because d’r hands on her back stuck she could do nothing but treading water, until two pair hands that prevented her. The two hands took her left leg and then went rough with other leg d’r d’r open crotch. She was now tied down when hands grabbed her hands and with a flick of the rope was cut and removed blouse d’r. Then d’r hands were put forward any legal inserted. So she lay naked before him. She now felt how he began to caress her body, and between her buttocks. She felt that he began to breathe faster and in fits and starts. But she felt a hand groping her and thought the other was busy with his own body. When they responded to the situation despite the rather very friendly touch hands, he responded with his other hand held knife over her back to ironing. That left her suddenly no longer enjoy, she was now anxious, what was he doing going with her and why all in the dark, he wanted her naked, he wished that she did not see what was so special about her that he hitherto had kept on her belly. She felt the tip of the knife lightly from her neck to her buttocks painfully slowly descend. Meanwhile he had his other hand between her legs stopped and fiddled with her pussy. Because she was still wet with sweat, he could easily penetrate into both her vagina and her ass. With a finger into her cunt and thumb in her shitter he sat with the knife at the base of her buttocks. Then she felt his breath on d’r rear and then a mouth was wide open and with the teeth firmly in its cheek, he made a small incision with the knife in his hand that held her to follow it up to her with the point in the crevice between her buttocks to draw a line from which she felt welling blood. She noticed that she had given no sound even though she felt the knife in her flesh go. Then he put the knife away and took place astride on her back, with his back to her head he took with his now free hand to his dick out of his pants and rubbed it stiff thing between her buttocks. All this time he had not said a word. With a few short bursts, he is ready and caught the seed in the palm of his injured hand. Then he slid off her and ran a cloth blood between her butt crack path and then his hands out to dry when these were dry, he made her legs apart one by one and turned her effortlessly on her back then he made her legs again spread fixed and grabbed a flashlight with which he watched her intently especially breast and d’r d’r cat received much attention. He noted that she was a natural blonde and she shaved it every now and then, because her cunt lips were free of hairs, while just above a big bunch Sat D’r armpits were also free of her, she lay there with big eyes looking at him. He watched her closely and felt so attracted to her that he was lustful. So if they looked then she was a beautiful woman to be full ripe breasts and full ripe lips both her mouth as her cunt. He could now hardly resist, but changed his mind for a different plan into action. From a cabinet he took a polaroid and printed a photo with her whole body then he took out a number with only her breasts and pubic d’r d’r finally head. Then he put these photos away and then covered her eyes with a cloth, her mouth was still gagged and d’r arms were stretched behind her head and crucified. He made them go and expect more or less an attempt to free himself from him, but that did not happen, but she arched her body something that really was a response to the release of the tension d’r torso. He pulled both arms to the left and made her left arm than he d r right arm and made it right by her. Then he pushed the rod which her legs were slightly towards her so came to her knees further apart and up, then he tied a band on each knee and pulled her knees up and if possible even further apart. She was now wide open pussy for him and he enjoyed the sight gave her cat. He looked slightly elongated and pointed to what he could bring her inside and found two Coke bottles, a full half empty. He shook the whole lot and poured the half-full bottle over her breasts empty. The fully opened it carefully and close to her pussy and by the strength of the carbon dioxide spewed cola over her breasts and belly cat face. She was like completely wet. Then he placed the bottle against her cunt lips and pressed it until it disappeared into her. He moved it up and down and back and forth and held it in place with a rock underneath. Then he opened the door of the container and walked out. She heard him walk around the container and noticed that he was looking for something. He sought indeed, something they could not know better, namely insects such as beetles spiders, ants especially ants. With a flashlight and some sweets he quickly searched and found some of that creepy stuff together then he stepped back into the container and walked towards her. She suspected that he had found what he was looking for but had no idea what., It excited her in one way or another, and her heart began to pound considerably. He left the living stuff slowly down her belly downwards and upwards fall, and that the first insects on her belly, abdomen and breasts began to walk there, you saw the muscles respond. Within no time swarming of animals and Velda lay writhing as far as possible then. Her response excited him even more, d’r breasts swayed considerably and also the muscles in and around her cunt moved wildly. He saw her cunt lips swell while he smelled her sexuality. They smelled delicious, its air is mixed with coke and a little earth. He pulled her dick out of his pants and began to keen subtracting, slowly at first, but soon becoming wilder and wilder. Velda also came through all that tickling to a higher level, they breathed heavily through her gag back and there was a deep sigh and groan. The boy heeled his dick a break and got a little too pushy animals in her cunt away, so were his fingers with her moisture brought into contact with and that he involuntarily held under his nose he sniffed her air deeply. He got up and took a bucket somewhere away then he went out again and walked off the hydrant, where still a little water came out, even here he could hear her, while he was waiting patiently let the bucket fill with water. When he seemed to have enough he stepped back into the container and threw the contents with a generous sweep over her. Velda was at that time just ready to come out of all that tickling and suddenly felt a pool of cold water over him. She gasped but did not get enough air through the gag and then sank into an unconscious state road. He grabbed a towel from somewhere and started her body with gentle but firm movements rub. So he dried her off and he passed her breasts she came back. He opened his pants and let his manhood on her belly slide down through the cloth and the touch of his penis, her feelings slowly moving again and to measure her pubic area was approached her sexual feeling again raised. He felt that she reacted to his movements and began to slow as he wanted her with bullying, through its network at any point a little to hang. Then he stopped suddenly and pushed with his now very stiff dick inside her and began to move in and out of her. That helped Velda course again to even higher levels. Velda felt again how they are ready to get started, and it is worse than before. With wild movements of her head she pulled his attention and coughing and sighing she tried to convey that the gag for her part was off. If she would scream that was definitely not from terror but from reaching its highest point, a great nice orgasm. Which may apply to him would take place, just as he felt his seed in him a way out trying to jobs, he pulled his dick out of her dripping wet cunt and sprayed her again below, now with a big blob. When both a bit had rest he dried her as good as it went off. Then he made her arms and helped her into the blouse and then her legs loosen and pull her leggings d’r d’r toggle off while he was doing, she pulled d’r d’r boobs tight blouse on and buttoned underneath the solid than they tugged and pulled up leggings d’r d’r shoes. He helped her up. Only then it dawned very good to him that he had been actually quite stupid and came timid boy in him. She threw him a puzzled look, and made her way came. He shortly afterwards self declaration and now has a sentence of a few years spent

Chapter 2 An evening to remember

The following anecdote is one from the time they worked through an agency as a telephone receptionist. She had her MAVO / HAVO met and was now far advanced in an evening course in high school. As a bonus, she worked three days a week as indene receptionist / telephonist at a construction company. Obviously she was a welcome person among all the men folk. Worked only part time coffee lady, who was already quite old. Velda was the eye catcher especially with her dress pulled them every day the men to her like a magnet on the metal. She wore casual clothes interspersed with occasionally a net dress or skirt with blouse. But usually a pair of faded jeans and sweater that her breasts were tightly enclosed, so that a large slit was visible. D’r tights almost like a glove to her thighs and buttocks, so tight. On her feet she wore always high heels. As they walked through the building, everyone knew that there was Velda. Some of these men formed a cohesive group that regularly were playing cards when there was nothing to do here or in their food break. The radio blaring pop music sounded through the building regularly voice Velda on her favorite music always singing or humming along. The fixed group, let’s call them the card club for convenience consisted of one man or six. Of these, four were under thirty and two just under twenty, all six of them seemed to do bodybuilding. They always had the most fun, got most regions, but were indispensable for the boss because of their expertise and work rate. Three made to order, verify and unload the vans and three drove the forklift loads the racks in place and were as technical assistance available for customers with questions about the products. Velda thus had regular contact with them, in her rare moments of rest they often hit her textbook open to a little this or that through it. One of the six had ever worked in Spain and Spanish speaking a nice mouth, where Velda like to talk with interchanged to her speech to update. Spake only the manager even multiple languages. He also was one jovial guy, who knew very well with his staff to go and always knew exactly what was on the floor playing. The big boss was a guy at that age hardly the barn area, only now and then a phone call, everything which one could conclude that he was in control. But even this person played a significant role in what happened here Velda. She worked there for nearly six months through the agency and soon she would be out or through another agency to get there. Well one day the card club a secret meeting, it was the day after a collection that Velda was held because its departure saw coming or simply because the men had sense to her once pampered. The card club held a meeting in the canteen for that time was forbidden territory for Velda. Velda knew, that there was talk of a colleague who soon father would be and how that would be celebrated. The men had first consult with the six, then they took it in and the rest were a man or twenty. There was a buzz and there was chuckled. One of the men had as ‘farewell’ gift a bodice proposed. Such a thing is underwear for a woman and is a very fine thin garment that many of femininity shows. Still others talked about a sex surprise, dildo inflatable man, another a photo shoot for the local photography club and so many thoughts came up where the primary concern was to see her naked body. Among the oldest of the card club said, ‘why do not we organize strip poker night and she gets a part of what we picked as money to bet and the remainder of a gift. ” There was a loud cheer and promptly, there was the question of where we organize strip poker that day. Finally, having almost no home to come up with the idea of ​​a female colleague from the clothes to get at home moms. Then came the manager when called on, he was painstakingly hauled and someone whispered softly to the plan in the ears. He listened attentively and nodded, a smile appeared on his face. Well he knew it. He was the big boss ask for permission so that the evening of this building could be used. Now there was a problem how do you bring this to Velda, who had a bright idea to let her in stages. What they also did not know was whether it could be Velda cards, if she was willing to strip for all these men and mothers at home or not too suspicious because the men were all once had about ‘working’. To this the following was found because of a large order that had to be urgently implemented, would make it a big group work are hereby they also had her help needed. This has been the boss with a mysterious figure regularly. all papers were in order, even the union was informed consent due to overwork. The particular evening approached all race there were only two days left. At that time the canteen off limits to everyone there was ‘painted’, but the boss left the room completely redesigning as part of a nightclub with chart table and floor lamps install even a thing. Everyone was tense today she would by the chief briefed tomorrow took place and because it was her last day, she was also shared that morning a party would be held and that everyone there is very fancy dressed would appear whether that had for so ‘ n one occasion. Velda felt something in her tummy tickle her and began another plan shape to grasp. It would be a special one garment attracting and nothing underneath or on top. So she responded with that she did. That night was by many colleagues not slept the voltage. There was also told her that after a cozy among ounce would be held and that there may be known by the group played cards would be ever-changing player or they felt like and could cards. Well that was it, every card game and so knew about it only was she not so good with the bluff play. The day came and everyone had a bag with him. Only Velda came with a small bag and she wore d’r ordinary outfit blouse, skirt and shoes. It promised to be a warm day, the sun was shining brightly and there was not a cloud in sight. The day went as normal as “normal” was possible under the circumstances. Not crowded, but even quieter as usual there was a small group already attached to the ‘special’ working order. They carried boxes inside and lugged furniture outside and inside. The afternoon was approaching and the form was already clear what Velda given. Some colleagues were present that evening so unfortunate as they have found that they gave Velda now their gift. It was immediately there was a nice relaxed atmosphere, there was laughter and talking among themselves. The infamous foursome was located in a corner fast to prepare for the evening. They played briefly some pots to well-attuned to touch and to practice the agreed secret code. Also they amused themselves best. Velda was back here again there with groups of people talking. So flew the afternoon passed and the signal was given to that team together for the overtime. Overall there were about twenty people sitting the remainder had either already took farewell. The remaining people went to the factory and started here and there what to do. There were a few cars and a truck. In the third wagon was the director supposedly pulse height came into how the evening shift progressed with the ’emergency’ job. The truck was supposed to carry the emergency order. So hoped that all initiates Velda would not notice that something else was going on. Velda was located inside the ladies pulled back and pulled off her clothes to her surprise prepare. So pulled her skirt off, d’r d’r than blouse bra and, finally, d’r slip. Then she opened her purse and pulled out a very thin gossamer garment. As she stepped in and started the thing about d’r legs, thighs, hips, buttocks, and so on up to lash. when she d’r breasts came she took a small bottle of d’r bag and sprinkled it with her breasts, then slipped the garment on d’r tits. then stuffed them d’r clothes in her closet and checked her hair in the mirror, she did not take a finishing touch to d’r cheeks and lips and was ready. Then she inspected her reflection carefully to see if anyone could tell she was wearing nothing underneath, she stooped and looked sideways at her mirror to see if the skirt does not indicate what price would still be kept secret. No, nothing indicated that she was naked underneath. So she left the ladies room and walked down the hall to. There she was with loud whistling collected. Everyone present was of the male sex. She was the only woman and what kind. The men gave her continuous compliments and winking their eyes and could hardly keep focused at work. Then there was the signal and everyone went to the canteen. Inside, everyone was amazed, it was so cozy and really typical bar in the middle of the room stood a table and four chairs around it, there was an increase again around around which all seats were placed. There was a soft music in the background and in a corner was full bar decorated tap, glass and what further need was there for a bar. Even a waiter stood behind above the table hung bright lights so everyone could well follow a staircase led from the center to increase and at the bar was a part as a stage decorated. Der was actually done a lot to make this as something fun to know to build. Velda took on the chair near the stairs and place the static map club took place on the four chairs and took the rest spread over the remaining seats rather everyone had a small table on which an image is screen could be seen and room for a glass ashtray was above and beyond the orbit no lamp is present so there was darker then the regular canteen lights went out and the lights above the map table. On stage, the director behind the microphone and after a few times to have coughed it became silent. He explained what else would happen that night and said that the drink was free and that everyone should decide for themselves how much he drank. Then he gave an explanation of the deck and the intention of taking turns to sit at the table. What Velda did not know was that she secretly after the first round should take place behind the chart table and everyone was passed prior to the game that they had to stretch and see her on many points eight state had to get. All this honest course. Nobody knew or could Velda good cards and after the first game everyone felt the tension rise. If a man had lost the game, he also undress while retaining the final garment underpants or slip or alternative. Furthermore, these men had therefore assist in bringing the drinks at the card table. Besides a waiter there were two waitresses in a customized uniform drinks brought around. When everything was explained and the game could begin a loud gong as a signal that it was time. Claus, Piet, Sjaak and Ferdi took place at the card table. each wore a real hat with flaps and they smoked a fat cigar. Piet started with sharing and giving each player four cards. Everyone looked at his cards and put in, there was no limit because it went with the smallest chips put 5 points for the largest was 500 points, between you had 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, and 250. If one of the players was broke then he / she could have lost up to a game played on credit which meant that when you run out of chips they had the clothes that they had had to go out and therefor got one then for each garment maximum of 100 points. When Velda noticed that strip poker was played she had to smile at the thought that if they could get stuck there what they hoped of course and then unlikely event they lose a garment soon her secret would have to give up. She thought no more because for the screen began to glow and appeared alternately by each player there were some buttons on the screen from which they could conclude that they themselves could choose which player could be stopped and all four but at the same time reduced. She let it stand as if it was every few minutes fresh prong the picture to the next player and so could follow each table playing cards. Also, to see which player’s cards on the screen were shown by N, S, E, or W, in the left corner of the screen villains of course the winds hit on each of the four chairs was a large letter painted which corresponded to the N or O or S or W. So you knew who his tickets for you on the screen had. And here and there sounded softly muttering about their cards. Klaas had two red with a low and a high clover further a ten and a diamond nine, Pete had two kings of spades and a clover and two tens of hearts and spades. Sjaak had besides the ten an ascending value in clover en nine, Mr. peasant woman. Peter himself had a low three card data, three eights and a diamond ace. Ferdie was so far the best card he had three aces and a woman in red diamonds. He explained very carefully a sheet of fifty down when the others followed. And asked a similar card and got a very king. Then it was the turn of Sjaak who asked a card and got a ten of spades then followed Dick and Harry who respectively. a spade nine and a farmer received warmly. Then put Ferdie another sheet down fifty and everyone followed him, he asked another card and had then a closed resign he received a warm woman and turned the queen of diamonds on the table than Sjaak who received a spade king, and he explained Clover nine down. Pete got a spade a spade and Klaas woman ten. There was now a clear buzz through the room and the man behind the mike exhorted to silence. Then it was quiet for a moment and then slammed Klaas his cards on the table with a loud murmur. He was out the cards were turned over to the game done and reshuffled Ferdie then put another sheet of fifty down. Jack and Peter followed him Ferdie asked another card and got a very ten, Sjaak ditto and received a jack of spades, Pete got the windows farmer. Then you saw Ferdie very quick thinking and now he put a chip with 100 down and saw Sjaak not sit so he put his cards down which Piet they no longer wish cards but he did have a sheet of 100 down . It went so now between Pete and Ferdie. Ferdie had the best card but he could not know whether Piet card, and so he put a sheet of one hundred down and looked at Peter who did not follow that Ferdie had won this round.

Now, each player at the beginning about seven hundred and fifty points gained in chips Ferdie was now off the best he had total 1150 more than he had started all four of them were now reinstated, but Pete was the second round of rapid past because Sjaak put on three kings and a woman twice hundred and fifty, and when Peter had no more chips and he gave the chair to another. (Which had to be destined for Velda once this round was over) This time Sjaak won five hundred points and Ferdie had lost three hundred. The present now looked on as their appointment letter when a number of the speakers sounded “Fifteen” silence “Who has number fifteen ‘sounded loud and clear. Velda understood now that she had to get her note appeared that morning they had received. To her surprise, stood on her note ’15 ‘With great surprise, she walked to the stairs, and down to her seat. There was a loud cheering and whistling when Velda had taken place. She also received seven hundred fifty points and the game went on. Now classified Ferdie the cards and that he did, he again from what was intended and that everyone there agreed. Velda looked around and saw three faces anxiously watching her, waiting or what they would say. She nodded again and there was a loud booing. The faces at the card table could a smile barely suppress. Velda got four cards, namely four blacks and four high also ten peasant woman king and Ferdie had two hearts and two spades, Jack got some junk kids and a wife, however Klaas received two different colors with four identical images. He gently laid a sheet of fifty down and everyone followed except Velda who laid a sheet with a hundred down. Then everyone did there fifty. The first time around was any good card at a gentleman, a ten, a jack and a king. Then he put down one hundred Klaas twice and each followed him Velda put it another hundred on top, so she was already almost half lost than gained any another card and refuted a hundred Klaas down now everyone followed him then fell off first Ferdie than Pete so between Klaas enas and Velda went. She put each one hundred times when Velda had only about one hundred and fifty. Klaas had a king poker and Velda five ascending contrast, which was high but not enough. He explained again but when stopped down one hundred Velda and so she had only fifty left. Again and this time had shared every player so not much was fifty deployed and each player got a card so Velda had a small street 8, 9, 10, farmer in clovers. But she could not use. When Sjaak looked at his cards and saw that he had three kings and two tens honderdje he put down and looked at the others who more or less casually followed until they came to Velda and to her place where the chips were. “So Velda, is the day that we get to see your pull your beautiful dress or you know something else” called Ferdie. “Well I’ll d’r have to believe but you get over here I was guilty so I want at least five hundred for this garment,” said Velda. “How so oo, Velda, hundreds agreed hey guys!” said Ferdie, then there was a loud whistle. “Alright men what do you think this dress is worth a hundred, a hundred and fifty, two hundred, three hundred and fifty or five hundred points” called Ferdie. “You know what” Velda said, “I’ll do you the following proposal I get three hundred now and if this round is over and I still have points left over I pull it halfway out and I have no more points than I pull it off completely and receive another three hundred points, and I may again participate. How do you think that ‘Good’ cried they all again, and there was loud cheering. She got three hundred points, and put it on top of another hundred, so two hundred total. Everyone was cards again and then it was over, Ferdie lost, Klaas lost and Jack and Velda now stood facing each other. She had a hundred left, and he could not resist her completely out of the clothes, for he had by now understood that under that dress not wearing much. So he put another honderdje Velda followed him down and now she no longer and had to later d’r dress do. was Sjaak Sjaak But if he no longer knew how to drag, so he did her a new proposal, they gave him five hundred now and then she had to dress d’r equal if they take off and then on half of his chips to continue playing in the state in which they lost they re wrong than she had to do a show on stage and do most votes in a very bold. She won the next round than if they participate until another lost and then she had to serve that person. went there Velda agree and asked if she had to finish first round or sea right now her dress had to do, there Sjaak thought a moment and then he said: “Right now, I want to know if I’m right, ‘now that you have told them and walked stage and started slowly on her dress d’r breasts down to do. When her breasts were visible sounded loud whistle and as the dress fell further and increasingly visible Velda was booing took place a groan. Then Velda in d’r hips had come was silent and only the music was softly to hear more and more was now visible and that Velda d’r pubic would uncover she turned and rolled the dress all the way down and stood naked for over twenty men. Ferdie had heard a loud clapping and then Velda turned there was a loud ‘oooooaaahh. “With small steps she went to d’r seat at the card table and sat down as if they have just ordered something from the bar. All other eyes were upon her. She made the game and played as three times but kept at the end nothing about, so she had to do the show. During that show she had several times spread sit stand or lie with finally a spontaneous masturbation as end show. There was minutes a loud applause and then she got a nice cape handed with which they covered and to the ladies ran to be there again to dress and a few hours cozy with the men talking and drink. Shortly after this work she received for her paper work as a secretary by the agency.
Chapter 3 On the mat with management

They came to a small advertising agency as a secretary / assistant manager and could within a day with anyone quite like it. The director was a young guy still, just graduated and had no relationship. He was a hard worker and was not dirty the hands get out the sleeves to stabbing. Because of this he was also on good terms with most of the staff just the tea lady there was something. But even with her Velda it could well find. Morning Velda was often the first stepped shortly thereafter came Hilda, the tea lady and Velda was always first the farthest from its container and only as each other’s coffee Dick had got his cup with coffee. Not that he objected he was still one of the last that the company came in but was always the last one to the left. Velda When the first day came and introduced himself, he just arrived so it was with his mug with coffee still in his hand when Velda d’r reached out and did not expect what happened next. It would be the first of a series of “accidents” are from when he was with her. Involuntarily he put the mug with coffee in his hand and wanted to open her hand to grasp, so impressed was he by her appearance. Almost got Velda so a cup of coffee on d’r hand poured. It was thanks to Hilda that that did not happen. She was just in time to address his mug and came as something bad. He apologized and made the greeting with invitation for lunch. Velda was more or less touched by him and accepted without further thought immediately. Everything went as normal that day and the following weeks. Until that one of the staff had an anniversary and invited everyone for a great evening at his home. Then something happened between Dick and erotic Velda with the result that the whole business in no time talking about nothing other than “how’s and Dee Vee ‘. Anyone that night at that anniversary present could see how Velda Dick treated to a view of what man would not want to miss.

Chapter 4 Velda on film

The story of Velda begins with her as a receptionist secretary while she occasionally even as a waitress at schnabbelde through an agency. In the still sparsely remaining free time she stayed in many bars and clubs, where they are due d’r appearance had many visitors. A description of Velda would look like this coming: She has an oval head framed by beautiful golden hair in long waves on d’r shoulders would be rich if she has not learned. Cos her eyes are bright with deep blue irises surmounted light eyebrows, a nose down to a beautifully shaped mouth with very sensual lips underneath a chin that beautiful face closure. D’r beautiful slender neck rests on two beautifully rounded shoulders which included two full ripe breasts have put. Then it goes a slim waist, that some big men hands almost together can bring. Der hips arch underneath to rest on two legs separated by a stately beautiful paradise shrouded valley curled lips. The bulk of this body was now covered with her feet a pair of high heels, a part of her upper thighs were covered with a small skirt interspersed with gossamer stockings by a small jarrettel were kept high around her waist was a big belt as to the narrowness of her waist to emphasize surmounted by a blouse that covered her breasts with great difficulty and the split between the two amply exposed to light. She had her hair now in a big ponytail tied that when walking danced across her back. -Complete with experiences at work and on the way to work -mannelijke/vrouwelijke colleagues, passers-visitors-bars passenger trips – evening steps-
Chapter 5 Velda amateur model

During one of those nights she had a conversation with her friends about the model and whatever else belonged. She asked them what it all meant, or what there was to see who did what and how much of her body. What about contracts, agreements and so on. Thus, after a long conversation persuaded to give it a try. A friend gave them an address to which he sent his models got. From another friend she got an offer on an album together for the modeling. Another friend offered to make a video of her for fashion shows and other types of shows. A friend offered clothing for photo and video sessions, while another friend d’r makeup for Velda wanted to do. She had at no time a lot got help and as many friends had encouraged her to do it in the morning she would go cart, close to was an office where there is always demand for new models, there she decided to take a to see what it would mean for her to be a model. In the morning she went there and arrived at the property they looked at the outside look good, the surrounding neighborhood was quiet and chic. Stately old houses Velda looked around and at the stage of one of these she remained still, for a moment she looked back and then she put her foot on the first step and went upstairs. The bell sounded like a huge gong and then jump the huge door and slid further open so Velda in a huge long hallway looked on either side doors they walked in and closed the door behind her. At one of the hallway doors hung a sign with subscriptions and where she knocked and waited, after giving her a long time looked like she knocked again, and then she heard someone in high heels at the door, and opened it and Velda saw an elderly lady , well cared which in turn Velda from head to toe and took her inside left and then go back behind her desk to sit and Velda few questions. “Your name?”, “Velda of Zomeren” “Your address”, “From coulter street 44 here” “Your birthday?” “17 July nineteen sixty eight” “Your height and weight and other measurements” “I’m 1.67 and weigh 51 pounds and my measurements are 84, 54, 82” “Do you have pictures of you brought?” “No, I suspected that this would happen.” “I give you as a address, who know what we need, so I bring you to a dressing room to change and there is something out of what is ready?” “Well, that’s good!” Velda said and followed the woman to a door in the room which she held open. Velda stepped inside and saw a small room where a few clothes hooks and a bench with cabinet stood. The woman opened the box and said that once she was done, she just had to knock on the other door and then she would be picked. The woman left the room, leaving only Velda so that was out to the dress ready swimsuits hanging on to. Velda was naked when she got a bikini set forth and stepped into the tiny booklet that out just what strings and a piece of cloth seemed to be the tip was not much bigger it covered just the light pigmented area around her nipples and d’r nipples themselves. Now she was again partially covered and she knocked on the door and after a short time opened the door and saw an elderly man motioned her to follow him. In the room where they were walking through here and attributes for photo and film and blanks furnished as bathroom / bedroom and beach. There were a lot of people around who were busy with places to recreate or hauled heavy film and photo equipment. Velda was looking around behind the man who her way to the other end of the room brought. The room was more like a huge hall, hung above her as scattered large containers with huge lamps which in turn hung on rails that go to any place seemed to go. Every now and then one of the men threw her an approving look. Velda felt d’r breasts in the rhythm of her steps up and down bobbed also d’r buttocks moved in the same rhythm. Well that would like to see any man, she thought, and even then she arrived at the spot where the old man wanted her. She had an increase and was under instructions in a special attitude put. Velda stood leaning slightly bent over a high stool d’r d’r left under breasts, d’r d’r hand under chin d’r d’r right leg with full weight and d ‘left on a transverse section of the stool. The old man did d’r horse tails and let the hair on D’s shoulders to fall backwards. Then he pulled the strings of d’r bikini pants high and made the string of her top back d’r neck loose so that the whole now only stuck to her back and remained behind her. What other men moved some lights and then suddenly stood Velda in the bright light of three huge spots. Velda could now see coming for her husband who took her quite well from feet to the crown of her head and then his gaze on d’r breasts to see you go, then d’r hips, abdomen d’r and d ‘ r pubic area. It seemed to please him because he now looked her straight in her face and smiled. Then he said to her: “So, now just stand up and then slowly counterclockwise until you face the opposite state. Then you wait a minute, then crouch and do your legs considerably apart. Put your hands just above your knees, so you stay here until I give you a signal you come up slowly and turn your back on until your front with your face towards me state. Velda Do you understand? ” “Yes, sir” A Velda turned half a turn until they stood and did d’r legs apart and was just stooping when sounded loud “Continue apart Velda, further, something so yes” Then she bent down and saw how a huge big heavy ball beside her was rolled and then there was a small cloth placed on. She was now full turn from d’r waist and leaned with both hands on knees d’r there was a light bulb turned on and then she felt d’r bikini top was disconnected because she was burdened expressed the weight of d’r breasts the fabric and hung d’r breasts now straight down. So she was maybe a few minutes and then she heard a yes and came up slowly while she felt on both sides now the bikini bottom was detached and between d’r legs pulled away. Velda was now straddled naked and moved step by step so that at one point straight ahead at the younger man looked and another five or six other men. Just flashed through her mind that she with now wide open cunt towards them and she was so into her could look, as she wanted to cover up, for a moment then she saw it in the utility no longer. Velda had no hair on pubic d’r. have long had she ever taken away, many that her boyfriend was there to pet wildlife enthusiast. Now she was so accustomed and had not stopped to think that they would be naked for a photo. She heard now how the younger man said her backwards on the big ball to take place but that they first thing sweat could remove. Velda dabbed her forehead and d’r breasts and took place over backwards on the ball to d’r balance she had d’r legs wide a move that she understood better why. Three men came from up close look at her body, one of them even had a huge magnifying glass with him. The man left his comfy cans near the beautiful body of Velda slide. In the navel arrived he asked the magnifier and now he looked at the back so as unashamedly open cunt of Velda. Then he asked one of his men to get some from a chest. The stick where the man now came along to Velda seemed very warm, there was smoke and then he handed it to the man with loupe. This spot the tip briefly on each of the nipples and with each touch a shudder went through Velda back, the thing was and cold. D’r nipples stood up, that was the intention and even then she saw someone with a large spring that now d’r labia area that involuntarily welled up and Velda be felt horny. The man with the stick again took the magnifying glass in his hand and looked back d’r cunt now glistening wet and fragrant open. He saw how d’r clitoris itself from its hiding rose and looked intently at so beautiful light pink mouth. This lasted for Velda so long and was so excited that she was almost to the point to say something when he spoke again. “Okay, Velda of Zomeren, you have a beautiful body, I want you for a year long photo and video recordings are good. Should be made close ups of everything and nothing should change I want you as you are now. Pounds may not you arrive, your pubic area should remain so, no hair under your arms or on your stomach, legs or arms. Once the films are viewed develops and we discuss the finances I’ll see you in a week or so. Goodbye. ” Velda was surprised and pleased and followed the older man who brought her back to the dressing room. After having dressed herself, she left the room through the other door and there stood the secretary ready with maps of the photographer and video studios. Once outside there was a taxi ready, brought her home soon. She barely had time to focus on the events to prepare, now she is already rushing to the photographer. What would they call for the photoshoot she thought as she for a short shower again took off her clothes in the shower alone she let her wardrobe to the pass and chose a dress, white and now she decided to continue wiping only pair of high heels and a small bag to carry. She would not wear underwear, now flashed the moments just now by the back, the looks on her body slipped. She had a white dress picked out that high from the front ditch and a deep back neckline had further was short, it was halfway to the thighs and it fitted white high heels and that little white bag with. She did some perfume on the wrists and between d’r breasts and pulled the dress that front from d’r d’r navel to neck with snaps shut then she stepped into the shoes and as she left the house on their way to the photographer. They would transport to the photographer go. On the way there she got enough approving glances her in a great mood when the photographer took. There she was at the open door greeted by a short fat woman holding her by a large square hall with wall pictures of female portraits in all colors. The woman went Velda for a door that led to a room with a large desk, also in this room were photographs of female bodies in every conceivable attitude behind the desk the picture of a woman lying on her side a perfect figure seemed to have . Naked as she was you saw the breasts and a small piece of the pubic region, an area of ​​small dark curls and more, but a beautiful picture very much radiated. On the desk was a photograph of the same lady dressed with a little child on the hand, both smiling at the photographer looking. Velda had already taken a seat on a bench and the woman left her alone. After a few moments came a gentleman and a young woman inside. The man introduced himself briefly and took a seat behind his desk, while the young woman turned to Velda turned and invited her to come to the studio in an adjoining room was decorated. The woman left her studio, and said that Velda on the stool could take place. There sat Velda took the interior where the studio. A large blue wall with a white umbrella, which is actually more silver lamps, a stretcher next to a bench and sure in the middle of the blue cloth was a lazy lawn chair. The young woman introduced herself with: “I’m Stella, and you’re Mrs. Velda of Zomeren. My compliments for your appearance and what a lovely dress you. Want to stool 0plaatsnemn I can for my boss what polaroid shot of you. A few here and a few there on that bench should suffice. Yeah thank you. ” Velda took some rehearsed poses and Stella took every now and then a picture of her then she disappeared into the next room, where Velda heard some buzz and then both came back. The man told her on the stretcher to take place through backward seated stretch out in an almost sleepy pose. There he took a picture of you had them in the stomach on the stool head up hands underneath supported and this he took a photograph she had to stand up a hand along the body, the other swinging shut up. Also there was one taken and then he told her that she was in the corner of the room and had to change to his assistant said that Velda now the lingerie was hurt. Velda went to the conscious corner and saw a screen where they took place behind and in no time naked. The assistant gave her a small bra and a tanga slip that she had hurt. Both were actually many are too small and had a whole lot of Velda of the body. When she had called her to the photographer and said she had something standing still rotate on its axis. In doing so he took pictures of her when she was in the back to him he said: “So now do you slip it off and then your bra off and then turn further until you look at me.” Velda made the thong slip detached from the body and let the garment fall, then the bra to do. Both garments were removed by the assistant. Now completely naked Velda turned on and still she saw the flash go off. With the face to him he took a picture and then had them on the belly on the stretcher sit and slowly tilt to one side and then finally to the side to land. Also here are some shots of it than she had in the back on a white cloth on the ground, legs spread and arms wide. Then again crouched legs again wide hands on the fingertips to the ground, then lay back drop legs still wide and then got a big towel Velda handed and she was led out of the room to the outside. Through the hall and another studio they came into the garden, and there she had standing, lying, squatting, and in those positions were close ups of all its body parts. However, he was not happy about something so when Velda on hands and knees said she d’r legs very wide to keep and to his assistant to take care of a wet cat by Velda. Who now looked equally surprised but made d’r wet hands in the water of the pool and walked to Velda d’r back and did just as the lips of Velda wet when her boss said she this in a different way had to worry. For a close up one would otherwise see that it was made. The only other way to think Stella knew meant that there had to be caressed and licked. So she took back Velda first place and stroked those lovely lips for a while before they happened to d’r own mouth and tongue went. “Hmmm,” it said, “eeehhh, eeehh” could learn from another mouth. Velda course responded to the caresses of her most intimate spot. Then Stella heard the boss say it enough. He installed his camera a few inches from Velda of wet pussy and pressed after a few moments away. Through this stuff he was still somewhat upset and brought fantasized about his assistant that looks as if it might look wonderful wife for him. He called Stella with him supposedly to get something, but once at him, he asked her how she would feel if they like them naked as Velda, and together with the woman in the picture was put. Stella felt quite a bit before but did not really want the boss here either as a spectator or even as a player at present. The idea that he could see all of her body was not as if it heard between employer and employee. But it took her quite specifically, that they had more opportunity to take this woman to go. Stella was bi, both men and women on her wounds. She thought for a moment, but her boss wanted this as soon as possible to be arranged and introduced her now to go inside and to undress and then with some other stuff to come back. Stella wanted not for nothing. She said her boss also they here what opposite wanted and that he in no way was sexually approached, only pictures she got him. He thought she would have shaved there too, she also bare mound. That had to be so or he would just shave her. He asked her if she is now in the same place as Velda as was bald. Stella said no, so he now or that he liked her shave there. Since she agreed to take part, she thought with his fingers on my pussy, no, definitely not! But she knew that if her boss recordings made outside the neighbor always peeked into the models than in very bold poses for the lens were. That guy she could be, despite that she had never seen him close. Yeah that guy liked her shave. So she asked her boss for the neighbor from obliquely above to call if he came down, no doubt he was already peeking into Velda and perhaps he was even subtracting. That made her boss with it. He went with her inside while he Velda shouted: “Pause, Velda, you can just sit in the lawn chair or some shade in the pool look!” Once inside, he called his appointment of the afternoon off and dressed quickly and pulled on a robe. Stella had meanwhile stripped blazer, bra, skirt and slp and ran only on high heels the shaving stuff together to search through the house. Then she was back outside and took in a lawn chair beside Velda place. Within heard Herman, the boss of Stella for the doorbell and opened it and greeted the boy next door, the boy was 17 and actually looked bigger and older. He lifted the boy in on what is so required of him. The boy’s name was Rob and he had to Herman boxers in a change and then in the garden appear. The boy was the only underwear boxers to happen so he had only his shirt and pants from it, what he had done in a few seconds then he followed Herman to the garden. Once there, he saw two ladies naked in a garden chair talking. Approaching he saw the blond piece had no pubic hair, you could see that d’r cunt lips. The other dark haired had a good head of hair between the legs, but he managed to do with it, on the table, he saw the stuff ready. He walked to the ladies and asked for bowing. One by one she handed him their hand. Then he asked Stella to come for her haircut. With a smile she followed Rob to a place by the pool. Here she was with the legs wide apart on the back sit, the lower legs had them over the edge of the basin dangle Rob let himself, after he had finished all the stuff put into the water until it is halfway between d’r legs stood . He had a good view of that still hairy cunt. He sprinkled some water over it and began to lather her furiously until her entire pubic area was a large piece of foaming. Then Rob put the razor right above the pubic region and the hair with some get away than was the area around her lips over. By a d r lips grasping and around shaving was also stripped of the little black curls. More and more, the cat Stella clearly. When Rob came to the anus, he asked her if she wanted to have gone there too. Stella was by all the attention on her puss pretty excited and Rob was still a handover d’r now bald cunt with a soft husky voice she said: “JaaaJaa!” Then said Rob hair on the abdomen and back closer to him to come. She turned on her belly and moved closer to him so close that her anus and cunt right under his eyes. He soaped the area around her anus and shaved even there the last leftovers. Then he rinsed it with some water. Once clean, he pressed a kiss on the now as bald as that of Velda. When Herman saw that his assistant looked just as Velda he said that both women now had to sit opposite each squatting. Then on top of each other lying with legs spread wide, then on their belly and side of each pose was a picture. Then cried Rob Herman added, that while the ladies on hands and knees on the floor slowly crept some of his fingers of each hand in each cunt had stabbing, here was a recording of it. Then had Velda on her back on the stretcher lying with the legs over the edge on each side than there had Stella with the head close to the Velda open cunt and between Rob took place so that he his now stiff dick or Velda of cunt or Stella in the mouth could do. Here was a picture of it and Rob his dick in the mouth and Stella than that of the Velda cunt. Then Stella had to ensure the orgasm of both Field and Rob by Rob in the cunt and taking the tongue to lick the cunt of Velda were all three close to the point of no return. Herman had now opened his robe and stood watching the scene itself violently subtracting when he felt it not be long, he founded his dick Velda on the face and came closer to her mouth. Then, almost at the moment of orgasm, he pushed his pole in her mouth inside and Velda sucked greedily the seed of Herman while they themselves climax of licking by Stella and Stella in turn by abutment of Rob that his load of Stella cunt lap. After a while they all four went to the pool and took a dip and then some inside shots and then dressed Velda, Stella, Rob and Herman himself again. Velda left the house of the photographer with a satisfied feeling, the photos would certainly be wonderful and his had a lovely afternoon. The sun was shining and Velda was a few hours at the video studio expected, so she decided to go public to it. Chapter 6 Velda first used as a passenger took a tram through the tight dress she could not sit, when a gentleman asked her if she wanted to sit, she shook her head and d for Mr in the place could take shot a small boy between Velda and Mr by. The gentleman had to wait for another free site, but the lad had Velda a while being watched and saw her bare back. He liked it a lot and wanted the front of this woman ever look closely, he also had the ass quickly viewed. But saw no circumference of pants, so he guessed that this lady a thong slip or perhaps nothing at all under that dress wore. Since he knew that a minute behind the sun slanting through the Velda dress would shine as he wanted to know if SS dream became reality. He looked at her insolence and followed with his eyes the lines of her body. Just wanted Velda react when she saw the boy her so shamelessly view, but then she decided to wait to see what would happen. At the next stop flowed tram practically empty and no one seemed to step in, at the last moment got two lanky boys and a chubby girl still inside. The two boys had Velda all equal in the eye and took front and behind the little fellow place while the chubby girl in a bench behind Velda slipped. With the tram marched names two new boys Velda close very well and they saw a woman in just a white dress standing in the tram. Now came a very long straight and the sun shone from behind the dress of Velda sheet, so fiercely that the three boys now clearly the contours of Velda in the dress looked. That woman was completely naked underneath, they saw the breasts, her belly and even the pubic area and it seemed really so or did she even no hair. All three boys was very keen this body naked, they made some gestures toward each other and stood on the front and now the rear and two boys grabbed as on the appointment of Velda hands with one hand so that they do not loose could make the rods to which they are held on behalf of the violent rocking of the tram. Against the girl behind Velda said they: “Take that girl d’r ankles, quickly!” and against the boy in the midst they said he had to check if this woman really had no pants on and whether they might already wet. The little boy stuck his right hand under the short dress and slid along the thighs upwards until he felt something even softer than her thighs all felt. Velda saw and felt now that she was groped but knew she had help and if necessary, will let the four go on with what they did to her. Because the woman protested, the two boys that her hands were bolder and took their free hand buttons of Velda d’r d’r dress to just below breasts loose. Now the two boys saw some beautiful tits with lightly pigmented areola, this is a real piece to eat. The two boys now rubbed each breast with nipple until it stood up, meanwhile, sat the little boy now with his fingers between Velda d’r cunt lips. He found that he could not deep enough so he whispered to the girl behind Velda to d’r legs further apart to pull. This responded to the request and tugged at the ankles of Velda, who understood that she d’r legs further apart had to put what they did because it gave her a nice feeling to the little finger between d’r cunt lips to allow rooting. Now he had more access to all the goodies he decided one finger further and came with his middle finger in her anus go where he could easily go inside. Now he had a finger in her hole and three in her cunt and he turned his hand from left to right and felt the body of the woman responded. Velda was now slightly rocking her hips when the two boys left her tits alone and d’r dress pulled open further, with ease they could now look down and saw the beginning of her vagina. Their hands followed their eyes and in no time they were on the cunt lips rubbing where the fingers of the little boy still inzaten. The two boys felt that the woman would not go away or would take other steps so they let her hands and rubbed them with these hands on the naked body of Velda far as they could get. Velda felt increasingly hornier and hornier and spoke softly to the three boys to her that she might have if they were from the tram. Because after she had still a bus. The three boys deliberated a moment and decided that lady not to leave alone all three of them before her had. So they said to her, and moreover that they did not have to think, because four of them were still her boss. Velda said them now to help her again presentable to make it any time the stop was where they had to look for d’r switch. The two tall boys helped with Velda closing d’r dress and the last knot tight inhibited the tram stop. The four of them left the tram and walked a short distance to the bus stop together. The bus came just flowed and empty, the driver left the bus. When Velda high stepping stone to the entrance of the bus wanted to make but this was prevented by the tight dress saws except the little girl, the young boys this. Velda was just d’r dress opsjorren to a dangerous height when she was one of those boys was told: “Pull it out, whether you do or later that does nothing anymore, we’ll see you naked anyway, preferably sooner than later “The little girl filled with this:” They will help you with that, pull everything out, dress shoes and give me the bag, then the entry much easier, is not it nice piece. ” Velda thought for a moment after, the little ones were probably minor, but obviously the boss, oh what do I care too and so she nodded. Equal pulled the two boys d’r dress to the last button and the little boy and the girl tugged at the garment until it was d’r ankles. Velda d’r dress and stepped out of the high heels, now completely naked with a few steps on the running of entrance of the bus when the little boy a few playful slaps on her ass and gave her back went inside. The little girl followed with Velda of dress among the poor and the shoes and the bag in one hand. While the two boys long to the other entrance and ran in there shots had the little boy and the girl in the backseat Velda leave, but this could not all four simultaneously with Velda doing so was helped to his feet and took Velda the two boys on the two long bench for the last place and went to the little boy and the girl sit across from her. Between the two boys had long Velda sit, thus she was thus practically in the lap of the two of them had legs wide apart on the couch opposite between the maid and the little boy so she lay almost entirely openly between the four. The two boys immediately began their mouths on each of tits and put the nipples sucked Velda in no time hard and erect, meanwhile, was fascinated by the little girl who labia Velda concerned with the fingers of cunt continue to keep open so they are now soft rose pink flesh of Velda der vagina looked topped by a small button that always seemed to come further out. A finger upset about it and as she heard how Velda with a deep sigh reacted to and how wet it was right there. So the girl went through with a finger she continued stroking that button and another she went inside. It was very wet and slippery and curious about the smell of all that wet she took the wet finger out and held it under the nusneus and snorted, “hmmm” that smelled good because a finger easily inside could she tried it now with two fingers with ease went inside. The end of the hole was not feeling well she felt when she d’r fingers turned soft and hard part, meanwhile the little fellow had not been idle, with two fingers, he sat in the ass Velda rooting and one point he could see the fingers of the girl in the other hole feel. By burrowing Velda was becoming hornier and hornier and her lust rose to dangerous heights, almost all of the erogenous zones were covered. The two tall boys were still busy with the breasts of Velda, occasionally expressed their mouths that of Velda and kissed your heart’s content on your own. Then the maid decided that they wanted cash down and told Velda to zip the fly of the two boys to open and their dick out of it, they made themselves the fly of the little boy opened and before he knew it she took his little pile out. Also those of the two boys, now in the open air were getting stiffer and stiffer. Velda loved each with one hand and pulled them slowly with the hand. The maid did the same now with the boy who now both the ass and the cunt of Velda under hands. He could zeelfs it with his mouth and licked his fingers luscious lips, where a delicious smell came from. All five were quite heated and it did not take long before the first Velda ready to get started, and thus they whipped the other four and then sprayed two jets high in the air, then to Velda of the breasts and face to fall back. The little fellow came shortly afterwards and finished his jet was directed by the little girl on the pubic area of ​​Velda. The girl ran itself d’r d’r free hand between legs and was finally ready when Velda was still after shocks. After a while it became calmer and was panting sighs again. The two boys were playing long now Velda of wet cat and urged both take turns in her pussy and ass with multiple fingers simultaneously, while the maid and the little boy of the now wet breasts with globs began to massage. What a body they thought all four, what a wonderful piece. Slowly slowly they returned to the reality than with paper towels Velda clean. Once dry and clean helped her back into the dress and gifts bag and shoes back. With that they were practically ready stepped passengers and the driver came out and left the bus. Now it would be about half an hour before they could get off the bus, then a street. But if it was not. After a few stops the bus left the quartet and Velda, they waved to each other and Velda be sitting in a bus with strange. She had the place to a woman with a child on the arm. With two rods each a hand held Velda is standing in the fiercely moving bus. A young couple had taken her place, the man had eyes only for his viendinvriendin, she in turn seemed to his lips glued to sit. The girlfriend was sitting on the lap of the man with the arms clasped tightly around him. Velda saw them so dearly love to each other and did not realize that her two men with great interest were to be included. Those two men saw a woman in a tight white dress from behind a bare back just above the buttocks and back of thighs dust halfway, then a few lovely long legs with white high heels on the feet, on the right shoulder hung a small bag, also white. On the hips and her ass saw the two no outline of a pants or skirt or it could be a very thin thing should be, perhaps she was even naked under that dress. She held her closely and hoped to see more of her, eg the front, she had decent tits and saw how the cat out. Blond she was on the head, but it was also blond between the legs. After a few stops the bus was and what army was achterbus been shot full of overgrown boys. The amorous couple sitting next to each other and the man had Velda now seen from the front and stared unconsciously turn to Velda of breasts and pubic area. His girlfriend had not yet gemrktgemerkt but Velda better. She felt warm again be used by pressing cans. If you knew that only this dress covers everything you want to see what she thought. Opposite the amorous couple were two guys with heavily damaged leather jackets, jeans dirty big heavy shoes. They both had their first glimpse of the action and then to Velda girlfriend, thereby pulled a nasty smile on their face. They exchanged some gestures with the men behind Velda Velda and then looked from head to toe to brutally. Velda felt that uitkledende looks as threatening, but was unaware of the two men behind her. Suddenly she felt again the poor be grasped, but this time a lot rougher and firmer. The two men Velda chased the amorous couple apart and held the girlfriend onto the plate. The rough set turned out not to exist but only four men from eight to ten. The entire rear bus was in their power. Velda felt just before she wanted to scream first hand over the mouth and then repelled a rag over the now open mouth fastened. More than a very soft moan was not there to hear, the girlfriend of the amorous couple was gagged. Two strong boys loved the passage barred and remembered the driver of prying eyes. Besides loving couple and Velda were now only eight to ten men who had full control over the achterbus. Velda now felt how the dress was pulled back and the tits and the abdomen were again exposed, but now they pulled her into some snatch the dress full of body and with a strong arm around the waist, she was out of the dress and shoes lifted . Now completely naked hanging on the arm of a very strong guy, the legs were grabbed and roughly held apart by one of two seated boys. The other commanded it scared-looking girlfriend also volunteered to undress otherwise she would just get helped. Velda was now on the sofa draped with the breasts on the railing beside the still no move to out dress sitting girl. A man behind the bench grip the arms of Velda and held them with a huge hand with each other, so he with his free hand of the now free breasts could touch. The two boys who now had views on Velda of ass and cunt open, gave the maid again strict heed to undress, while each leg of Velda had fixed grips with their free hand each buttock Velda and held her as still further. The maid saw that they could not do otherwise, and with trembling fingers she opened the jacket. It was the other guys too slowly and the two boys who were busy with Velda more space, they pulled the girl off the couch and tugged at her pants of the hole. Now she stood in just a blouse, bra and slip on the feet with socks and sneakers. The blouse was roughly turned off and with a switchblade cut the men of the bra straps loose and hooked after the tits were exposed blade between the band of her panties. The girl was now naked, but where Velda no hair, had the maid a big forest, beyond which the cat went through. Even when the maid was now the legs spread wide and has provided a three-finger access to her cunt. A wild moans echoed off the corded mouth with wild movements of her legs she protested against this violent approach. Also in Velda were now both in her cunt and in her ass multiple fingers rough rotating. The breasts of the girl with hairy cunt were two men simultaneously break them and the nipples were nevertheless up so that the hands now made way for two mouths frantically began to suck and suck on those tits of the woman. Velda was now turned around and dropped in the butt on the seat of the bank, the poor were still held behind the back of the couch where she was sitting on. Thus the breasts were pushed up and stood straight as the nipples. Deposit Now the two boys on the tits, each one and a third person took between the still widely spread legs instead. With his hands under the butt he lifted her slightly so that his mouth is level with her open cunt was, that he with his tongue began to edit. Velda reacted well, she found it tasty and with a few minutes they could despite the gag in the mouth an ecstatic moans hear. When the maid had now three boys access to the physical openings provided with a knife at the throat, she had now a dick in the mouth that always moved up and down. In her lower body was a dick in her anus and cunt of which the thrusts her wild Shook. When Velda had the mouth on the cunt now given way to a very stiff and thick dick with ease between the wet lips of sopping cunt moved. But wanted more men Velda use, so she was on her hands and knees on the floor of the bus put, so they could now use her ass and was also her gag removed with a sharp, pointed object into of silk, she was forced to keep the mouth open so that there was a man inside. Both ladies were now each by four men used because even their breasts were still used. The men exchanged regularly lady and instead allow one to each opening of the two ladies had access. Velda felt increasingly dirtier and was furious but still wanted no perilous feats, the girl who is now flat on the floor beside her was incredibly anxious there with her the knife still in the throat was pressed and a little blood welled from a fresh slice. Velda felt the men are close to their orgasm and decided this couple quickly from their dreams to help some muscles that worked and a tongue and sucking mouth was not long or for the men in Velda ready. The stuff in the mouth spat them out, even when the maid came the men ready, some on the left of the body spray even at Velda there were two of them on the fingers cunt lips and nipples would rub while the men were excited subtract and then with some rays focused on the tits of Velda orgasm. Both ladies were well below the traces of the ten men their lust. Bond and blue and full of slippery wet spots by two men they were thrown over the shoulder, while another bus to stop and exhorted with a few stairs forced the door, left the whole group by bus to rarefied pace between the bushes along the way to disappear. Some had the dress of the women included and walked back to. Near their shelter came the women put on their hands, while their legs were gripped she served as wheelbarrow continue to walk on their hands. Both were too exhausted to open their mouths to do but obey and walked slowly hand for hand further. In a shabby hut arrived, the group stopped and the women were on their legs pulled up and, if brought inside. since they were all on a table and then tied by any man, who now recharged lusty cocks had brought forth, with a radius piss sprayed were completely wet. In no time there was a very sharp air. The men had emptied their bladder after having feel much more fun with these women, so took a a snake and another brush with soap and these two bodies of the women began to scrub thoroughly, until the skin of Both women looked red, but clean. Subsequently, the two women were treated to cold meat with lettuce and tomato and egg sauce. Velda and the other women were now from crotch to neck during dinner. They served as a dish or plate and occasionally flew a mug of beer over them. Sometimes one man gave them something to eat or drink, especially the beer was generously donated to them. When the food was practically on the women were washed again, now with red and white wine and topped guzzling mouths on their backs, sucked the wet from their body. Also these were the ladies too inward and after a while gave first the unknown woman to know that she had d’r bladder emptying. Found that the men but what was so exciting woman loosened and another table squatting put down. The feet were wide apart held so her cunt can be seen was when a small trickle of pee came was the upper back pulled to the poor detained the men saw now very well how a tiny little hole the piss out squirted. Many splash hit their face, but not a man who object about. After the last drop fell, she was back beside Velda tied and then gave Velda indicated that they had, and even more than pee. Well their curiosity was fully rewarded, this woman did not just see how she could pee, but poop too. On the same table as that was first pissed was now a heap of sand and earth deposited. Then Velda just above put with the legs wide apart. Then a thick plank on the side of the table nailed against Velda in the back was tied, the arms from behind were high strength put, so they more or less hanging squatting standing and all men a good view of her cunt and ass were. Velda tried to hold back but the problem was much’s too high. First the men saw her poop, a thick turd hanging from her ass and the men who were closest to were held their nose with two fingers close. When the turd on the pile of dirt was pulled out a man with a shovel the pile right away and mieterde this into a waiting bucket with lid. Velda was not finished turd after turd appeared and between the men saw how the small hole opened and then briefly what piss flowed downward. When the final pellet was emptied the bladder Velda only good, the man who always pile to pile threw away in the bucket was struggling with the pace of Velda of the intestines and the bladder emptied. When nothing seemed to come Velda was cleaned and forth beside the other fixed. The men wanted them until the early hours of the next day here love. The two women were more often sexually abused by the entire group. The other morning were released and dropped at a bus from there Velda went straight home where she did telephone notification of acts and perpetrators and places then she took a shower and scrubbed well shoe. Although deep inside her for a long time a terrible dirty mess for her was, that after a very long time would pass. While showering she rubbed her very sensitive nipples and labia, the latter were still very raw. After nearly half an hour in the shower to have stood she d tap and dried himself off than she chose another mini dress with spaghetti dumbbells and decided to continue to do nothing under the dumbbells started actually on the breasts and showed a large part of her face, but also on the back of the dress was pretty bare. The hem of the dress fell just half of the thighs and bending with straight knees was out of the question, because then her ass and cunt certainly visible. The skirt closed with a zipper on the side and fell widely, a breath of wind would be enough to put in the bare ass. The dress was red and the feet she wore red high heels and a bag she had called a pouch around her waist Sat
Chapter 7 Two women in the bend

Thus departed Velda for a day and evening and the weather promised to be a day full of fireworks. For her house she stepped on the bus that would take her to the subway after two stops there she took over the rear carriage, where she hoped to meet her friend. Velda had her before she left tried to reach but there was no answer given. So she spoke a message on the answer machine. If she felt like she had in their special clothes standing at the bus stop where Velda so directly would get off the subway. Girlfriend who still worked as a waitress but in a different place than where they had met. When the bus stopped at the specified stop was a smile on the face of Velda, because a good friend was already waiting for her there. The girlfriend was as handsome and good looking woman as Velda and she wore a cream-colored skirt to just above the knees but with a huge slit sideways almost to her hips which is only noticed when she suddenly turned or when the wind was the skirt as outerwear she had a knitted vest with holes on the critical spot which were smaller, but clearly showed that this woman no bra wore, moreover, a stiff breeze blowing up the skirt so it would also at this woman a bare ass. This friend had a similar bag to the agent as Velda and walked on white high heels. When the two women were close enough together they hugged each other and congratulated each other for their appearance and clothing. Already busy talking they walked up the stairs to the entrance of the subway while their skirts and dress were so jealously against the slight breeze not too early the secret revealed. They both bought a ticket and walked through the turnstile and then on the platform waiting for the subway. Many men eyes followed the two women who are aware slowly striding along the platform moved. Then came the subway and got two girlfriends at the rear carriage as agreed. In the subway remained at the portal and are busy chatting about anything and everything and were inaccessible to men who like their work coming from the two ladies from head to toe shots. The metro was quiet and only a few stops there were some young people inside and it was menfolk long to allow mothers.

The boys and young men who now stood or sat in the subway had a few exceptions, only had eyes for the two women. Their ages ranged from fourteen years to a maximum of eighteen, nineteen, and maybe all their interested stood beautifully packaged in two very special models. After some stops formed a group of ten men, who gently at first then harder started talking about those two ladies. Every now and then it was quieter and there was clearly deliberated on how they plan to implement those two fine examples could bring. Sometimes you could clearly see that there were a few to brag about how many women and how they had done. The friends knew only too well that they were the subject of which that group of young people were talking. But wisely gave them absolutely no attention to what was said about them. Then the group moved towards Velda and her friend and after a short time they were surrounded. The two boldest of the group spoke to the two girls and asked them what the plans were for the next evening and night. Velda gave up after a while challenging the group looked to have an answer as would the boys much and way too young for them and that they are more mature but first had to behave and what their plans for the next few hours were also sitting there certainly no brats at them as if they did. All this they they are so powerful and totally unafraid. The two boys, however, were totally impressed and made very clear that they were part of a group who were more powerful than the two women left turn. The meeting served as a distraction because many boys were the two from top to bottom brutal record and saw the two at this stage completely naked. After the tube was again stopped the group was bigger and noisier, outsiders saw only reduce young boys, two girls were completely hidden from view. The whole group had every known and now there was also a leader, who was informed by a few cronies. The group was clear the rest of the boss. The leader decided that it had to be done outside the metro in a quieter environment, but the two girls a taste of what awaited them emails to give the leader said that a few of them, the girls were already addressing, but not quite let undress. He also wanted the first two ladies at close hand. When he saw them at ease and his eyes on the two women let go, which incidentally totally excited or scared seemed so clearly more accustomed, he at one point a character and the close circle around the two made is slightly larger to only the leader called Sjors and two helpers against over Velda and the girlfriend were called Esme. He spoke to them and pointed a thin to thick ongoing bat every girl on the left chest. They served to the entertainment of this group tonight and to start they first had their left breast and then judge their show. Both ladies had however agreed in advance that they are any “enemies” would not hand to stabbing and they thus remained together and talk. The leader was very surprised that the ladies apparently felt so sure, but would tell his helpers that he wanted to see those tits and quickly. First they walked to Velda and slid the straps of her in the shoulder so that now almost every breast exposed, but this was not enough so the leader were the arms of Velda and lifted the dumbbells pushed, then pulled the two helpers the garment laying on her stomach so that now both breasts completely visible. Velda made absolutely no objection, but gave her gaze to know that they them unworthy and remained quietly talking to Esme who now in turn by the two helpers was stripped of her airy knit vest so now four pairs of breasts on display were . The two helpers names behind Sjors place now with his stick one by one each breast gently touched. First of Esme and responded very clearly to the touch because the group could now see how each nipple stood up and hard to put forward. Then Sjors was the tits of Velda came here not to respond, even when Sjors with a cudgel gentle tapping against the nipples gave. After then tried to have the bat under the breasts and keep them slowly higher and higher pressures, which also gave no result. Was a last be very efficient way something cold against brosten of this woman, but where did it so quickly something cold away. He asked his helpers to something kouds to those titties of Velda search. Now there was in the group eagerly asked around: “do you have a cold can of beer or coke” and yes after a while were at Sjors two open and two closed cans cold cola colas cold pressed into their hands. The open cans he returned with the comment “not cold enough, but these two have” He gave one to his right and the other helper he began furiously shaking. Velda still did not look at him and bestowed suspected nothing of what awaited her. Then Sjors long enough to shake the can had stood, he put his hands out and addressed the opening Velda and then pulled over the lip of the can and squirted a mass equal cola in a dense fog on the tits of Velda, which with a little shriek totally surprised to Sjors looked. He in turn saw the tits of Velda suddenly thicker and bigger, and also how the nipples hard and straight forward tasks. Velda was totally surprised and could not get a word of terror from the market and then got another look Sjors handed by his helpers had been shaken and he went for the more prepared for this open Esme. They still shocked from the cold stuff in a thick mist on her tits and ended the same effect as did those of Velda. Both ladies were now soaked from above, the colas dripping from their breasts, but both could now laugh at the open mouths in amazement looking group. Then said Sjors against his helpers to those titties to lick clean especially around the nipples, they had their mouths to good use. Then Sjors thought there was slick enough, he said: “Stop!” and against the girls, he said: “Do presentable again because we’re approaching the stop.” Immediately were the tits to daylight withdrawn and that the doors opened Velda and Esme left the subway and were followed by the group of men. On the platform was the fourteen men a hedge which Sjors and girls between walked behind them, the group signed the three persons hermetically from the other passengers. In circles, the group continued the three surround while the procession left the platform towards stairs, where they very slowly paces in two steps followed by Sjors. Two boys ran to and alongside the ladies. Because they were outside the city blew a stronger wind and between the steps were openings where the wind blew up. Yes, what you all think the skirts fanned occasionally properly and showed a lot of Velda and Esme d’r bottom see, you saw four bare bottom then two thighs with a bare pubic mound and with some hair. The girls walked with legs as close together as possible, but because it was swaying even stronger and Sjors and the rest saw and enjoyed it but left the ladies still alone. Sjors thought, however, that with these two the rest of the day very cheerful and playful would be spent. There was a lot of fun with these two very special ladies. The girls felt that something was brewing, but wisely did not notice anything, but their power remained. The whole group understood that these two without underwear walked in just a dress. Top of the stairs came they walked in a motorcade through the gate, then a staircase, and on to the bus stop, where they would go back to their place. Top of the stairs had the girls make their upper back exposed, issued their bags and go barefoot. By Velda were again dismissed the dumbbells and Esme went out vest. Tree to tree, they walked down the stairs and into a V shape the group followed them. Between the ladies walked back a few steps from their Sjors, who always stopped and enjoyed the view that these two messengers him. Time and again blew their skirts so that everyone now very well the bald pussy of Velda and saw Esme who only Venus d’r what her leave. The men could see the lips folded down. Below arrived they were embraced by Sjors each and three of them walked to the guardhouse at the bus stop. The cottage was a bench where the ladies were seated knees together and hands on the lap. Through the rest of the group shielded from the traffic racing by. Sjors told the ladies that once the bus arrived she also had to get rid of their skirt and completely naked on the bus. When the bus arrived they showed both their skirt pockets and stepped again screened for the driver behind three wide boys on the bus. The bus was completely empty after a few passengers. The passengers who saw the girls boarding showed pure amazement their mouths wide open, slightly bent, they walked to the back and there were the girls legs apart in the middle sit. The whole group occupied the entire rear section and gathered round the ladies around. Both Velda and Esme were accustomed to be naked in front of a bunch of dressed people, then fifteen pairs of eyes them from head to toe shamelessly stood to take. Except with the tongue and stick the ladies were not touched. Now came Sjors first Velda, and crossed the narrow end of his stick between her legs, then at Esme and then he pulled his gloves. He came on his haunches with Esme and stuck out his hand to her pubic area with his fingers he stroked her lips and held them open, his other hand stroked now on the lips of Velda d’r cat and also her he loved her now open and told the group: “Pay attention to this are two delicious pussies, still not ready for what we have in store for them. First you have to get wet pussies. How do you pussies wet, without having to use your own saliva? ” “Due to sew” cried one. “That you only if they are well moistened mope” shouted another “By them to stir up” shouted a silly-looking guy. “And how do you do that Acorn?” sounded far behind him. “You make them hot, you heat them up” Shouted a close Sjors “Oh, yeah smartass, do you have experience, dick” “No,” came the now. Sjors, the group looked around but nobody knew what he meant, convinced of his leadership. “You give them something to do what they like doing.” Velda could not leave and responded, “Oh, yeah, and what is that boy” Now Esme also responded with “Maybe he meant to do romantic, candlelit dinner and so” “No, ladies and gentlemen, I will explain to you its fine how pussies in no time as juicy as a ripe peach are “called Sjors a little touched. “A big snogging and then suck on their earlobe and their nipples, and I will prove you as well.

Chapter 8 Sjors his proof

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